At HK Holistic Health Klub we aim to take a lifestyle approach to your health and fitness goals. Unlike other 24 hour gyms that never have trainers on hand, the Klub has a number of qualified and experienced trainers available to assist you and provide the best one on one coaching sessions.



The Gym

Our Gym is a lifestyle gym that focuses on living a healthier lifestyle through exercise, nutrition, expert advise and a welcoming community. We use only the highest quality gym equipment custom made in the USA, which fits in well with the 5 star facility.
Our equipment ensures that every workout is done safely, effectively and fit for purpose.

The Trainers

HK Champion Trainers is founded by Hector and Karlene the only certified CHEK level 2 Holistic lifestyle coaches in Darwin, together with their team of trainers they provide a program aimed at improving their clients health and well-being through smart exercise and holistic nutrition.

The Membership Options

Darwin's HK Holistic Health Klub offers membership options to suit everybody. Whether you are a long term local or a fly in fly out worker - we have something to suit your needs.

“Karlene & Hector are not like other trainers. They actually care about you and your results and want to help you achieve your goals!”